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Arm & Hammer’s Maxwell O’Neill busts some myths about tooth whitening

Dawn Woodward: Perio Plus+ “Back to nature, backed by science”

FGDP(UK) & CGDent update COVID-19 guidance synopsis

King’s research explores the COVID-19 impact on delivering periodontology treatments

Gum disease link to COVID fatality

Dr Paul Renton-Harper: Periodontal disease and diabetes

Dr Grant McAree explores advanced orthodontics with support from the IAS Academy

Dr Raja finds 3M Gemini Brackets: “Discreet, comfortable, and extremely effective”

Invisalign Go Plus European launch on 16th September 2020

Exciting additions to COLTENE’s endodontic range: CanalPro Jeni and HyFlex REMOVER file

Trial the new Hyflex REMOVER file from COLTENE free until end of September

New CanalPro Jeni, here to navigate you through root canal preparation 

Malcolm Pendlebury Lecture to be delivered online

Align’s free Digital Excellence Webinar series starts 21st October

Align’s Digital Innovations Forum "Futureproof Dentistry"

3M Oral Care single dose solutions for better time management

COLTENE’s BRILLIANT range: Hard working materials for challenging times

Dr Richard Field outlines a minimally invasive case study in which he closes multiple diastemas