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Reduce Gingival Disease with Wisdom Clean Between Interdental Brushes

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To help your patients tackle bleeding gums and gingival disease, discover the unique Wisdom Clean Between Interdental Brushes.

Featuring a tapered, wire-free design, the micro-fine rubber filaments flex to clean easily between the teeth whilst the soft material ensures they’re gentle on the gums, causing minimum trauma. Clinically proven to help reduce gingival disease, , the Wisdom Clean Between Interdental Brushes are available in fine, medium and large sizes to suit a wide range of gap sizes and encourage effective plaque removal.

Being wire-free also makes them ideal for a wide spectrum of patients, including those with crowns, bridges, implants and orthodontic appliances.

With more than 235 years of experience in oral health care, you can trust Wisdom to understand the demands on you and your patients and develop easy-to-use and effective solutions.

So if your patients need a little help maintaining their oral health, or they’ve struggled with traditional floss or wire interdental brushes in the past, suggest Wisdom Clean Between Interdental Brushes as the proven solution.

Also now available in a surgery pack for trial on your patients.

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