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Effective maintenance for successful dental implants

Health & Hygiene
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In order for dental implant treatment to be successful, oral health maintenance is crucial.

This means your patients need effective oral health adjuncts that will make the process of cleaning around their implants as simple and as efficient as possible.

The Wisdom Clean Between Rubber Interdental Brushes are an ideal solution. Clinically proven to reduce gingival disease and highly recommended by dental professionals, they feature a flexible, tapered design that optimises plaque and food debris removal from interdental spaces and around implants.

The super soft, micro-fine rubber filaments slide easily and gently between the teeth and are available in three sizes to suit all gaps. With no wire in sight, they are extremely gentle on implant components and are also a great alternative for patients who have otherwise found wire interdental brushes difficult or uncomfortable to use.

In addition, the Wisdom Clean Between Rubber Interdental brushes are ideal for use by patients with crowns, bridges or orthodontic appliances, providing a proven solution for all.

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