Tackle oral health signs of mental illness

Health & Hygiene
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Research shows that people who suffer from severe mental illness are 2.7 times more likely to loose all their teeth than those who don't.

Thus, if you have patients with a mental health problem, be sure to tackle oral health issues before it’s too late.

Providing them with safe, gentle and effective oral healthcare tools can help to minimise the risk of common dental problems associated with mental illness, including dental erosion, caries and periodontitis. But which products should you recommend?

With densely arranged CUREN filaments, which are incredibly gentle compared to nylon bristles, Curaprox’s range of CS toothbrushes are ideal for patients that need help with improving and maintaining their oral health. The small compact head and angled handle of Curaprox toothbrushes also helps patients clean hard to reach areas, ensuring an efficacious clean every time.

Intervention is integral when it comes to patients will mental illness, so for quality oral healthcare solutions that will make a difference, contact Curaprox.