Curaprox CS Smart tackles tooth decay

Health & Hygiene
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Tooth decay is now the number one reason for hospital admissions in young children. That is why Curaprox provides the CS Smart – an innovative toothbrush that has been specifically developed for children over the age of five.

While it looks smaller in size, with an extra-small, compact head and a shorter handle that is perfect for tiny hands, it is in fact bigger than the CS 5460 ultra soft toothbrush, the design that the CS Smart is based on.

How? The brush head is comprised of an incredible 7,600 extra-gentle and ultra-fine CUREN filaments that are just 0.8mm in diameter.

The Curaprox creation also has an octagonal handle, which ensures that the correct angle is implemented during brushing.

Thus, if you are looking for an adjunct for your younger patients that is safe yet effective and can help in the battle against tooth decay, contact Curaprox today – there’s a reason it’s called the CS Smart.