Curaprox: Minimise oral symptoms of menopause

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The team from Curaprox offer help to alleviate the oral symptoms of menopause

When it comes to the menopause, women are susceptible to a number of potential symptoms, including burning mouth syndrome, periodontal disease, tooth loss, dry mouth and menopausal gingivostomatitis.

To spare your patients the unwanted oral effects that present during this stage in life, regular assessments and education on the importance of a good oral hygiene regimen are essential. For safe, gentle and effective prevention and treatment, try recommending solutions from the oral healthcare specialist, Curaprox.

With a winning combination of the CS 5460 manual toothbrush with ultra-fine CUREN filaments, CPS interdental brushes made with extra strong surgical wire, and CURASEPT ADS (Anti-Discolouration System) mouth rinse, your patients can achieve a good standard of oral health, helping to minimise potential menopause symptoms along the way.

For dry mouth, Curaprox provides a complete range of products, including salivary substitute gel, toothpaste, mouthwash, spray and gum.

Menopause can bring a number of unwelcome symptoms, but with your help patients don’t need to suffer orally.

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