CURASEPT ADS® – gold standard

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CURASEPT ADS® oral rinse for the benefits of chlorhexidine without common side-effects

For the benefits of chlorhexidine without common side-effects such as discolouration, irritation and impairment of taste, recommend CURASEPT ADS® (Anti-Discolouration System) to your patients.

The CURASEPT ADS® 205 oral rinse combines 0.05% chlorhexidine digluconate and 0.05% sodium fluoride for ultimate plaque control and prevention of caries and gingivitis. It’s also ideal for patients with impaired motor skills.

Other rinses using the Anti-Discolouration System available from Curaprox can be used before and after mouth operations, as preparation for chemo- and radiation therapy and as a toothpaste replacement with orthodontic devices. CURASEPT ADS® not only ensures high tolerance and acceptance, but can significantly reduce inflammation, plaque, bleeding and dental pigmentation, and help to accelerate wound healing and minimise post-surgery complications.

To get the best results for your patients, try recommending CURASEPT ADS® from Curaprox.

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