Saber Tooth White home whitening

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"The future looks brighter" with Saber Tooth White home whitening system

Since 2011, Saber Tooth White has been impressing practitioners and patients alike with its home whitening system.

Providing a natural approach and a solution to suit all needs and budgets, Saber Tooth White Home Kits give patients a convenient and affordable option for whitening that they can do in the comfort of their own home.

Why choose Saber Tooth White? Well outstanding reviews from dentists across the UK speak for themselves. When patients talk about their experience with a Saber Tooth White Home Kit, they use words like ‘value’, ‘easy to use’ ‘noticeable’ and ‘confident’. It is amazing how many people are not aware that such a professional standard home-whitening kit is available from their practice, as an alternative to online or over-the-counter solutions.

Saber Tooth White Home Kits can be a valuable stream of extra income. As a bonus, purchase 10 or more kits and you can have them customised with your logo, which is a great way to strengthen your practice brand.

Contact one of the team at CosTech Dental Laboratory today to find out how both you and your patients can benefit!

Saber Tooth White Home Kits are available from CosTech Dental Laboratory.
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