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Tandex oral health products: No scrubs just gentle care

Do your patients know that over-zealous cleaning can damage enamel?

Scrubbing at the teeth can be a cause of tooth wear. Tooth wear is no longer only associated with old age but can affect people at any age. In fact, the statistics show that more young adults than ever are experiencing a worrying loss of enamel [1].

TANDEX has a range of high-quality oral health products that can offer an efficient and gentle clean and can actually support and strengthen the enamel.

The brushes are all latex-free, yet soft and pliable. The range includes interdental brushes such as the FLEXI™, which has a flexible design and extra-long filaments for efficient plaque removal.

The interdental brushes can be used with PREVENT GEL™, which is also non-abrasive. Finally, dental professionals can recommend the new, premium mouthwash from TANDEX, WASH & PREVENT, which can actively strengthen the enamel, too.

Gentle, yet effective cleaning is key to keeping teeth strong, and preventing erosion. Recommend TANDEX today to keep your patients smiling brighter for longer!

For more information on Tandex’s range of products,
visit www.tandex.dk or visit the facebook page:

1] https://inews.co.uk/essentials/news/health/young-people-losing-tooth-enamel/