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Rinse away the worry of oral malodour with CB12 mouthwash

Around 50 per cent of the population suffer from halitosis [1] and it is the cause of anxiety for many more patients. With CB12 your patients can feel confident about their breath and rinse their worries away.

Oral malodour is difficult to self-detect so patients need a sure-fire way of preventing it. CB12 mouthwash does not simply disguise unpleasant smelling breath but gets to the real root of the problem. Developed by dentists, CB12 has a patented formula that specifically targets and neutralises the odorous volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs) that actually cause unpleasant breath.

This clinically proven mouthwash enhances oral health too – CB12 contains fluoride to strengthen the teeth and prevent cavities, as well as highly effective anti-plaque agents.

Encourage your patients to make CB12 mouthwash part of their oral health routine – with just one rinse they can enjoy the confidence of pleasant breath for up to 12 hours.

For a little burst of extra confidence, CB12 also has a pocket-sized Mouth Spray so that patients can feel refreshed and reassured, wherever they go.

To rid your patients of oral malodour concerns, contact CB12 now.

For more information about CB12 and how it could benefit your patients, please visit www.cb12.co.uk

Aylıkcı BU, Çolak H. Halitosis: From diagnosis to management. Journal of Natural Science, Biology, and Medicine. 2013;4(1):14-23. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3633265/ [Accessed 7th November 2017]