New Waterpik® Whitening now available

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New Waterpik® Whitening: “A brighter, whiter smile in just one minute each day”

The brand new Waterpik® Whitening is the latest offering in a long line of clinically proven oral health products from the leading global provider.

It offers all the benefits of its former Water Flosser models – which are more effective at removing plaque [1] and reducing gingival bleeding [2] than interdental brushes – plus, it gives your patients a brighter, whiter smile with just one minute’s use each day.

It features a specially engineered handle that infuses the patented whitening technology into the water. Patients simply load the Whitening Tablets into the chamber, then apply the Water Flosser to the teeth and gums.

The unit also comes with four tips (two Classic, one Plaque Seeker™ and one Orthodontic), an advanced pressure control system with 10 settings, plus a box of Whitening Tablets that deliver up to 25 per cent more stain removal while being as gentle as regular toothpaste. Containing glycine, which is also safe and efficient at plaque removal, they fully dissolve leaving no gritty residue. The fresh peppermint taste makes them pleasant to use as well.

To help your patients maintain their oral health while whitening their smile, discover the new Waterpik® Whitening today!

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Waterpik® products are available from Amazon, Costco UK and Superdrug stores across the UK and Ireland

1] Lyle DM, Goyal JG. Qaqish JG, Schuller R. Comparison of water flosser and interdental brush on plaque removal: a single-use pilot study. J Clin Dent 2016;27:23-26.
2] Goyal CR, Lyle DM, Qaqish, JG, Schuller R. Comparison of water flosser and interdental brush on reduction of gingival bleeding and plaque: a randomized controlled pilot study. J Clin Dent 2016; 27:61-65.