Tandex supports child oral health

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Give children the Tandex clean mouth feeling – Good habits last a lifetime

The situation regarding children’s dental health is complex and the solution multi-layered.

Dental practitioners can support children and their parents by helping them improve their daily preventive oral-care routines. Recommend Tandex brushes and adjunctive products so they can understand how different a really clean mouth feels.

Tandex is a family-run company with a commitment to improving oral health. It knows that empowering children and adults to clean properly, using the right tools, is key to reducing decay.

Tandex brushes can be gripped easily and come in a range of sizes to reach all areas of the mouth. Give your younger patients the skills they need to clean properly and they will continue to use them as they grow up. Parents can supervise brushing while encouraging comfort and efficiency, because all Tandex brushes are gentle, as well as functional.

The whole family can use Tandex products to maintain their oral health. In particular, the interdental brushes take daily cleaning to another level by removing plaque effectively, massaging the gums and stimulating blood flow.

Get children into the Tandex habit!

For more information about the Tandex range of oral care products, go to www.tandex.dk or visit the facebook page: