CALCIVIS supports National Smile Month

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CALCIVIS helps motivate better oral health during National Smile Month – and beyond

Get your patients involved in National Smile Month with the new CALCIVIS® imaging system, the first biotech dental product in the world.

The CALCIVIS device applies a luminescent photoprotein to tooth surfaces, which detects free calcium ions and delivers an easy to understand, visual map of active demineralisation at the chairside.

This unique early detection system enables practitioners to plan and deliver preventive measures at the earliest, most reversible stages. They can present customised information to patients, helping them understand the risk of dental caries.

CALCIVIS is the most advanced visual aid of its kind; supporting preventive dentistry through engaging patients with fascinating, glowing, live images of incipient caries and encouraging them to improve their oral health regime.

To motivate your patients during National Smile Month and beyond contact CALCIVIS now, visit or call 0131 658 5152