Saber Protect mouth guards

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Saber Protect custom-made mouth guards for sports-playing patients

Getting to know which of your patients participate in sports regularly means that you can be proactive in offering patients the protection they deserve.

The Saber Protect custom-made mouth guards fit any patient’s need due to the different levels of protection available. Further still, because they are custom-made, they provide the comfort that a sportsperson requires and the protection is tailored tot heir type of sport and the level they participate at.

Dentists can rest assured that when offering the Saber Protect mouth guards, that they are delivering only the very best in care. What’s more, the mouth guards can be personalised with a fun choice of options in combination with colour and styles, including a name, logos and even flags!

With just a simple impression sent to a dedicated laboratory, you could be offering your sports-playing patients the protection they need.

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Saber Protect custom-made mouth guards are fabricated by CosTech Dental Laboratory.

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