CALCIVIS imaging system "driving prevention"

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CALCIVIS active demineralisation imaging system "driving prevention through patient engagement"

Seen at the Show: Visitors were keen to discover more about the award winning CALCIVIS® imaging system. Applauded as one of the most innovative weapons in the fight against caries, it provides the clearest visual indicator of incipient caries and active demineralisation currently available to dental professionals.

CEO Adam Christie joined his Chief Technical Officer Bruce Vernon and Marketing Manager Justin Smith in explaining how the CALCIVIS imaging device uses a recombinant photoprotein that, under certain light conditions, fluoresces in the presence of free calcium ions released from demineralising tooth surfaces.

Using a dedicated camera CALCIVIS creates a glowing, visual map of active demineralisation that makes a perfect education tool when discussing the importance of a healthy oral hygiene regime in the home.

Adam explained: “The science is astounding but the concept is astonishingly simple. If the surface of your tooth glows in the CALCIVIS imaging system you will get tooth decay unless you do something about it. It enables dental professionals to catch demineralisation at its earliest, most reversible stage, so that prompt management and preventive therapy can be applied.

“CALCIVIS also acts as a superb communication tool, helping patients – especially the younger ones including teenagers – to better understand their risk of dental caries, which motivates and engages them to take steps to improve their levels of oral hygiene.”

Bruce Vernon agreed: “CALCIVIS represents a significant step forward for preventive dentistry. If you want to engage your patients as active members of their own oral healthcare team, using CALCIVIS to show them where the problems lie is a great motivator, and helps in driving prevention. We can think of no better way to stop the rot than to catch it before it starts.”

For more information visit, call 0131 658 5152 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Image caption: The CALCIVIS team l-to-r: Adam Christie (CEO) Bruce Vernon (Chief Technical Officer) and Justin Smith (Marketing)