Zendium toothpaste launches in UK

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Zendium, a microbiome-balancing toothpaste from Unilever, launches in UK 

Unilever’s premium daily toothpaste, Zendium, is now available in the UK via Amazon. Originally developed over 40 years ago and now available across 18 European countries, Zendium is Scandinavian dentists’ most trusted toothpaste brand [1]. 

Mariano Sampietro, Global Vice President for Zendium explains: “The time is right for Zendium in the UK. The human microbiome is now being recognised as critical to our health, and recent research shows that this is also true in the mouth – our studies reveal the specific gum health benefits of its microbiome-balancing effect.”

Zendium is a toothpaste that works differently. In addition to fluoride, its SLS-free formulation contains natural enzymes and proteins which boost the natural salivary defences [2] and balance the oral microbiome [3]. A landmark study, published in 2017, showed that over 14-weeks’ use, Zendium significantly increased health-associated bacteria and significantly reduced disease-associated bacteria [3].

These findings complement a growing expert consensus which recognises that it is the overall balance of the oral microbiome which is key to oral health rather than the simple presence or absence of a specific pathogen [4].

The proven gingival health benefits of balancing the oral microbiome

Two further studies now demonstrate the clinical benefit of Zendium’s balancing effect. In a 13-week controlled clinical trial, 83% of users experienced improved gingival health with Zendium showing superiority vs control across all three clinical indices measured [5]. Supporting these results, a real-world study of over 300 people in Denmark revealed that long-term Zendium users had significantly better gingival health than those using regular toothpastes [6].

“For a long time now, there has been a significant group of consumers looking for a natural oral care approach coupled with proven clinical effectiveness. Zendium delivers that combination of benefits,” continues Mariano Sampietro.

“Now for the first time, consumers can buy Zendium from Amazon in the UK and experience the power of natural protection for themselves.”

For more information see a 90-second video explaining the microbiomics study, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMrJtXcv6ps 


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