TANDEX says: “Don’t forget adults!”

Health & Hygiene
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The TANDEX range of dental brushes provides gentle, thorough, oral care

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we may know the new guidelines around dental care, but our patients may not.

TANDEX has everything that your patients need to implement good, daily preventive care according to what experts agree is the best strategy for long-term oral health.

Gentle brushing is now recommending by all dental practitioners as the best way to keep the mouth clean while protecting the delicate gum area. All TANDEX brushes are soft, gentle, yet efficient.

With the NHS encouraging interdental cleaning over string flossing, TANDEX has a range of interdental and interspace brushes, including its famous FLEXI™, so patients can make the switch. TANDEX’s high-quality tools are easy and comfortable to use, so your patients will soon amalgamate interdental cleaning within their home-care routine.

They can add another of TANDEX’s adjunctive products, such as Prevent GEL™ or the Prevent WASH™ or Prevent FRESH™ mouthwashes, too.

Preventive dental care is the modern way to support oral health – recommend your patients try TANDEX.

For more information on Tandex’s range of products,
go to www.tandex.dk or visit the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/Tandex-UK/234855250044190?fref=ts