Wisdom Easy Slide Flossers

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Wisdom Clean Between Easy Slide Tensioning Flossers: “For easy flossing”

The Wisdom Clean Between Easy Slide Tensioning Flossers are ideal for helping patients to stay on top of their daily oral health regimes.

The new Waveform Tension Control System holds the tape taut so that it glides smoothly into even the smallest of interdental spaces. This makes it easy for patients to remove plaque and food debris from their mouth, for a cleaner, healthier and brighter smile.

The silk-like tape is designed to be gentle on the gums and maximise comfort for the patient while flossing. It is also shred resistant for a reliable solution which you and your patient can trust.

With more than 235 years’ experience in developing oral health solutions that work, Wisdom Toothbrushes continues to meet the demands of your patients to enable them to enjoy the benefits of optimised dental health. Discover the Wisdom Clean Between Easy Slide Tensioning Flossers today.

To find out more, visit www.wisdom-toothbrushes.com or call 01440 714800