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Refer to Ten Dental: Overcome the challenges of periodontitis

Scientific evidence has shown that the prevalence and severity of periodontitis is greater in patients who also suffer from various systemic conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease [1]. These health issues can make it challenging for practitioners to treat patients with periodontitis, so why not refer them to a specialist who is able to provide advanced care?

As the winner of Best Referral Practice 2017 at the Private Dentistry Awards, Ten Dental is well equipped with the specialist skills and knowledge to provide a trustworthy referral service. Its award-winning team of periodontists includes Drs Frederico Tinti and Evdokia Chasioti, who have years of combined experience in managing complex cases, so you can rest assured that your patients will receive supreme periodontal therapy.

Ten Dental understands the importance of maintaining strong patient-practitioner relationships, so it will work closely with you to ensure you are always well-informed of any procedures carried out. Once the patient returns to you for follow-up treatment, you can feel confident knowing that Ten Dental will provide continued support while your patient recovers.

To begin referring your most complex periodontal cases to the experts at Ten Dental, contact the professional team today.

For more information visit or call 020 33932623

1] Nazir, M. A. (2017) Prevalence of periodontal disease, its association with systemic diseases and prevention. Int J Health Sci (Qassim). 11(2): 72-80. Link: [Last accessed: 11.05.18].