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‘Tis the season for fresher breath with CB12

Although moderate alcohol consumption may have some health benefits, it also dries the mouth allowing bacteria to flourish and make the breath smell unpleasant. Now you can get right to the root of odorous breath by recommending CB12 oral health products.

The CB12 range has been developed by dentists and has a patented formula to effectively target and neutralise odorous smelling oral gases for up to 12 hours.

CB12 also contains fluoride to strengthen the teeth and prevent cavities, as well as highly effective anti-plaque agents to enhance any oral health routine.

CB12 mouthwash has been clinically proven to outperform 18 other leading UK and European oral hygiene products [1].

CB12 White is a non-abrasive, alcohol free mouthwash that has the technology to lifts tooth stains and prevent new ones from developing.

CB12 boost sugar-free chewing gum is ideal to freshen and invigorate the breath after eating and drinking throughout the day.

CB12 Spray can be used to instantly freshen the breath, it fits into a pocket or handbag and is perfect when patients are on the go.

Discover more about these amazing oral health products today!

For more information about CB12 and how it could benefit your patients, please visit www.cb12.com 

1] Greenman J et al. Comparative effects of various commercially available mouthrinse formulations on oral malodour. Oral Diseases (2011) 17, 180–186. http://oralchroma.es/informacion-cientifica/Saad-2011.pdf [Accessed 1st February 2017]