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Arifa Sultana says: “Equip your patients for Valentine’s Day

For new couples and those on a first date grooming is an essential part of the Valentine’s Day process. Indeed, according to a survey, 31% of women and 30% of men would be willing to splash out £40 to £80 on their date preparations, and one in five men and 39 per cent of women typically spend between one and two hours getting ready.

The survey also found that 85% of men would trim their beard or have a wet shave in preparation for a date, while 27% would go the extra mile and either have a professional facial or apply moisturiser. For women, make-up (85%), a manicure (50%) and a session at the hairdressers (41%) topped the grooming trends [1].

Of course, fresh breath is also a key consideration when venturing out on a date; individuals don't just want to look good for their beau but feel and smell good too – and for good reason. According to research carried out by the Oral Health Foundation unpleasant breath was judged to be the biggest turn-off by almost nine in every ten people (86%) when looking for a potential partner [2].

That’s a lot of pressure for new couples and singletons who will no doubt be thinking about that Valentine’s Day kiss! It should come as little surprise then that malodorous breath tops the list of pre-date worries for Brits ahead of outfit selection, looking fat and body odour [3].

Luckily, for many with plans this February 14th the fear of oral malodour will be little more than that – a fear; just pre-date nerves. But for one in four, halitosis has the potential to ruin all the hard work put in to make Valentine’s Day a success, if left unmanaged. Indeed, if it doesn't put their date off – which research suggests it can – unpleasant breath could have such an impact on self-confidence and anxiety levels that it ruins the occasion anyway.

As a trusted dental professional there are a number of steps that you can recommend to your patients to tackle the issue and ensure they benefit from first class breath. Remind them that a good oral hygiene regimen is essential to getting rid of food particles that can linger in the mouth and cause oral malodour, as well as the importance of keeping hydrated.

You could also recommend a high-quality mouth rinse such as CB12 mouthwash which has been clinically proven to both target and neutralise the volatile sulphur compounds that cause halitosis and inhibit the formation of biofilm. Made using an innovative, patented formula, CB12 could help your patients increase their hygiene levels and prevent oral malodour, leaving them breath confident for up to 12 hours.

Valentine’s Day can be daunting at the best of times, but with the right advice you can help to ensure your patients have one less thing to worry about.


Arifa Sultana is with Mylan which distributes CB12. For more information, visit 


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Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash