TANDEX for a clean, healthy mouth

Health & Hygiene
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TANDEX high quality brushes – the first line in preventive care

Dentistry accounts for nearly 10% of all antibiotic prescribing in the UK [1].

With good preventive measures, we will reduce levels of decay, one of the primary causes of abscesses that can lead to an infection.

The high-quality brushes from TANDEX can be recommended for daily use, along with the FLEXI™ interdental and the SOLO™ interspace brush to remove bacteria gently, yet efficiently. PREVENT GEL™ is also available to support good oral hygiene.

TANDEX prides itself on a commitment to functionality and quality. Bring TANDEX to your practice so patients can feel the difference.

For more information on Tandex’s range of products, visit www.tandex.dk or visit the facebook page:

1] BSDHT, for link click HERE