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From Teledentistry to treating oral malodour, Philips at IDS 2019

During IDS 2019 Philips has revealed how dentists will be able to benefit from its new Sonicare Teledentistry Solution, which uses the digital technology to enable remote dental assessment through an app.

In a statement a Philips’ spokesperson explained the company’s ambition to support dentists in: “Optimising their dental practice and empower people to proactively take charge of their oral health through personalised digital innovation.”

Roy Jakobs, Chief Business Leader, Personal Health businesses at Philips, said: “We want to be a lifetime health partner for people and offer them one holistic platform for oral care that provides them with better, data-driven insights into their oral health and easy access to professional expertise and advice.

“The innovations and clinical research shared today demonstrate our commitment to working with dentists to integrate new digital models, services and tools into their practices.”

With a Philips Sonicare power toothbrush and accompanying Sonicare app, people can manage their daily oral care. Adding the new Sonicare Teledentistry Solution provides people with remote dental assessments from licensed dentists.

By sharing pictures of their teeth via their smartphone, people can get in touch with dentists to get answers on issues they are concerned about – or ask questions they might have following a treatment.

Dentists will be able to provide digital assessments to not only existing patients but also people outside of their practice. The new solution enables dentists to monitor and coach their customers over time, helping them develop better routines or recover from a treatment.

Philips recently successfully launched the solution in the USA and – with the support of leading dentists – is now tailoring the system to the needs of the European markets. It will pilot the app in Germany towards the end of the year.

New clinical evidence

Five new studies add to Philips body of clinical research evidencing the effectiveness of Philips Sonicare’s product portfolio for improved gum health, addressing oral malodour, and superior plaque removal.

Published in a new special issue of The Journal of Clinical Dentistry (J Clin Dent 2019;30 (Spec Iss A)), the new research findings let dentists make informed product decisions while supporting their customers.

For example, Study 2 revealed that Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart with Premium Plaque Control brush head was, compared to competitors, statistically significantly superior with regard to reducing gingival inflammation, gingival bleeding and surface plaque during six weeks of home use.

Additional studies reveal:

• The Philips Sonicare Orthodontic Regimen was statistically superior to a Control Regimen in reducing plaque on bracketed teeth and non-bracketed teeth following three and six weeks of home use [2]. It was also statistically superior to a Control Regimen in reducing gingival inflammation and gingival bleeding following three and six weeks of home use

• The use of a Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart toothbrush with Premium Gum Care brush head, used in either Gum Health mode or Clean mode, was statistically significantly superior to an ADA-reference manual toothbrush in reducing gingival inflammation, gingival bleeding and surface plaque following two and six weeks of home use

• In a population of subjects with mild to moderate gingivitis, the Philips Sonicare FlexCare toothbrush with InterCare brush head was significantly superior to a manual toothbrush in reducing gingivitis, gingival bleeding and plaque following two and four weeks of home use

• The Philips Sonicare TongueCare+ breath hygiene regimen was effective at improving oral malodour. Improvements, based on organoleptic assessment, were evident immediately following, and up to eight hours following product use.

For more information regarding the latest news from Cologne visit the Philips IDS 2019 website