Attack that plaque: Waterpik

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Waterpik Ultra Professional Water Flosser

Plaque is a well-known risk to dental health, promoting the growth of harmful strains of bacteria. From fresher breath to preventing gingivitis and periodontal diseases, everyone stands to gain from better plaque control.

The Waterpik® Ultra Professional Water Flosser, provides patients with amazing assistance in managing their own oral health. It enables patients to tackle hard to access areas of the mouth, easily and effectively [1]. Many patients evidently struggle with interdental cleaning – the Waterpik Water Flosser provides more effective results than sting floss [2] with none of the difficulty or discomfort.

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Waterpik products are available from Amazon, Asda, Costco UK, and Superdrug stores across the UK and Ireland.


1] Goyal C., Lyle D., Qaqish J., Schuller R. Evaluation of the plaque removal efficacy of a water flosser compared to string floss in adults after a single use. Journal of Clinical Dentistry. 2013; 24(2): 37-42. Accessed November 8, 2018

2] Barnes C.M et al. Comparison of irrigation to floss as an adjunct to tooth brushing: effect on bleeding, gingivitis and supragingival plaque. J Clin Dent, 2005; 16(3): 71-77.