Dr Petya Chaprazova: Dental Implant Care at Home

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Dr Petya Chaprazova: Caring for dental implants during lockdown

We have entered the third lockdown in less than a year, and it’s more important now than ever to look after your teeth. Even though dentists are having to restrict their services, it doesn’t mean your dental implants have to suffer. So, to help you brush up on your dental hygiene routine at home, we, the team at the Dental Art Implant Clinic have decided to share our professional advice about the best ways to look after your dental implants at home.

Under normal circumstances, regular six-month check-ups are necessary to identify any potential issues such as peri-implant disease, a common form of infection that can develop with implants. This is a bit like gum disease and is caused by a build-up of plaque. It can cause bone loss around your implant which could loosen it and cause it to fail.

To keep your implants healthy and strong, make sure to brush your implants twice a day with a soft bristle brush, just like your regular teeth. At least two minutes, front and back, as well as the top of your crowns and your gums. Use a special interdental brush every day to clean around the implant, or alternatively use unwaxed floss tape or super floss.

Sometimes implants can have issues that require a dentist’s attention, and you should definitely speak with your dentist if you start to become worried about your oral condition. Using antiseptic mouthwash, softer brushes and regular flossing can help remove plaque build-up, but if you have redness and soreness around your implant you should seek further advice.

Some issues can’t be solved with simple brushing, and you should always seek professional help if you have any of the following problems:

• Difficulty chewing food that that you haven’t experienced before could be due to a loose-fitting crown, bridge, or an infection.

• Swelling around the gum or implant that might spread up to your eye or down your neck.

• Crowns or bridges loosening around the implants, or even an implant screw loosening.


Petya is one of the expert team at the Dental Art Implant Clinic. She has gained years of experience in cosmetic dentistry and restoring teeth through dental implant treatment. Petya says she truly enjoys working in the area of prosthetic dentistry, particularly with implant prosthetics which utilise her in-depth understanding of the dental implant treatment process.

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