'That Clean Feeling', the Waterpik Cordless Plus water flosser

Health & Hygiene
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Jennifer Haywood-Hull, Dental Hygienist at The Parade Specialist Dental Implant Centre in Cardiff, comments on the Waterpik Cordless Plus:

“I have been recommending Waterpik Water Flossers for some time, usually to patients with complex implant and bridge work who were not managing to maintain their oral health with conventional floss or brushes.

“Since trying the unit for myself I recommended it to everyone and anyone! I feel it is beneficial to the majority of patients, especially those who struggle with string floss. It is easy to use and adapts to all the tricky angles of a mouth.

“Patients feel the benefit immediately – they get that ‘clean’ feeling after using the Water Flosser and with the advantage of excellent plaque control, after a couple of weeks they see a difference in clinical markers such as bleeding and inflammation.

“Being able to demonstrate in surgery with the Waterpik Cordless Plus, which I was given at EuroPerio8, is excellent as it allows me to show patients how powerful its cleaning capability is. I think many patients believed they could achieve the same degree of cleaning by ‘forcing’ water between their teeth when rinsing, but seeing the Water Flosser in action dispels this myth!”

For more information on Waterpik International, Inc. please visit www.waterpik.co.uk. Waterpik products are available at Amazon, Boots, and Superdrug stores across the UK and Ireland.