Boost and maintain oral health with a Tandex implant kit

Health & Hygiene
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Dental implants represent a significant investment, and not just in financial terms.

Replacing a missing tooth has obvious aesthetic and functional implications, which will often have an emotional impact on the patient, so how can patients ensure they are protected?

Tandex offers an implant kit that will enable patients to maintain a healthy oral hygiene regime before, during and after implant treatment. The kits contains the SoftTouch toothbrush, a gentle brush specifically for during the first few days after surgery, and the Advance Soft Toothbrush for more efficient cleaning when the gingiva has healed. As cleaning between the teeth is crucial for optimum oral health, the kit also includes SOLO UltraSoft interdental and FLEXI UltraSoft interdental brushes.

Educating patients on the importance of excellent implant care and maintenance will ensure the longevity of their dental work, helping to protect their significant investment for the long term. To provide your patients with the best tools for this purpose, speak to the friendly team at Tandex.

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