WOODI Interdental Brush

Health & Hygiene
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The WOODI interdental brush – New from TANDEX

A TANDEX spokesperson explained: “If you want to respect the environment while protecting your patients’ oral health, the WOODI is the perfect choice. WOODI has a handle made from FSC-certified birchwood and, as with all TANDEX products, sustainable energy sources are used in its manufacture.

“For interdental cleaning, the WOODI is easy to use and available in six sizes for different spaces. Being able to gently loosen debris from between the teeth and around the gingiva will help elevate your patients’ oral hygiene between appointments, reducing their risk of disease.

“The WOODI is coming soon – keep your eyes on our website and social media.”

For more information about the Tandex range of products, visit https://tandex.dk/ 

Or go to the Facebook page www.facebook.com/pages/Tandex-UK/234855250044190?fref=ts