Enlighten – a safe, powerful and effective whitening system

Cosmetic Treatments
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“I have used Enlighten products for 3 years now but it feels so much longer as I use it so frequently,” said Dr Amit Patel, an associate dentist from Chelmsford.

“There are some products that you use on a regular basis because they always deliver quality results to your patients, and Enlighten is one of those.

“Our team here at Brickfields Dental Care is really enthusiastic about Enlighten. The brand and results speak for themselves and we all support anything that makes our patients happy.

“Enlighten is a safe, powerful and an extremely effective whitening system. In my experience there has been none or very minimal sensitivity, which is a huge bonus for patients. For patients, the whitening process is very straightforward but more importantly, painless and comfortable. They love the safety, quality and simplicity and, of course, the fantastic long lasting results.

“The Enlighten team is extremely efficient. Everyone is friendly, polite and happy to offer assistance with cases or ordering. They are very proficient in all aspects of their role.

“I would definitely recommend Enlighten to other dentists – it is a great practice builder.”