Enlighten Whitening: Guarantees Whiter Smiles

Cosmetic Treatments
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Enlighten Whitening System gives patients a whiter smile to light up any room

Widely hailed as the world’s leading tooth whitening system, the Enlighten Whitening system guarantees a Vita shade B1 for every patient, without any change in their overall diet.

Enlighten Whitening gel works straight through the enamel without harming the surface of the tooth, so patients gain long-lasting results with minimal sensitivity.

With an impressive 98 per cent success rate, patients can be confident in the exceptional performance of the Enlighten Whitening system, one of the safest and most effective treatments on the market today.

An added bonus; Enlighten Whitening gels are temperature stabilised through continuous refrigeration, making them the only gels with an unlimited shelf life.

To find out more about the world’s best performing whitening treatment, contact the friendly Enlighten team today.

Visit www.enlightensmiles.com, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0207 424 3270