“Lip Dentist” Opens Wide

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Dr Pradnya Apté brings facial aesthetics to 52 Harley Street

“A masterpiece deserves the best frame. Modern dentistry can perform wonders in providing the perfect smile, which can boost a person’s social confidence and even enhance their career prospects, but what about their lips, cheeks and jawline? In just a few minutes my techniques can help someone go from looking better to looking their best – with long lasting results.”

Speaking at the launch of her new, Harley Street-based London clinic on 30th May 2019 – attended by a host of her glamorous clients and Dental Review – Dr Pradnya Apté was explaining the ethos that had taken her from her original dental training and guided her along the path to facial aesthetics.

She continued: “Facial aesthetics are about balance, which means looking beyond the oral environment and embracing the whole face. Many of the issues people have with their appearance are due to inevitable changes caused by aging, and these can be combatted by simple, painless, non-surgical procedures, but only if the tools are in the hands of a trained expert.”

Dr Apté qualified as a dental surgeon in 1993 and has focused on her “passion”, facial aesthetics, since 2007. She continued her training with most of the UK’s leading medical aesthetic practitioners and has become a recognised expert in the field. She opened her first clinic in Exeter in 2015 and her second in London Bridge the following year.

The Lip Dentist

Also known as “The Lip Dentist”, Dr Apté has opened her new clinic in practice principal Dr Adam Thorne’s award winning and prestigious Harley Street Dental Studio, based at 52 Harley Street in the heart of the capital’s medical district. She introduced guests to her portfolio of treatments with live demonstrations of her signature lip and profile enhancements.

She continued: “I’m beyond excited to be opening in Harley Street. I began my facial aesthetics journey in this street over 12 years ago and it really feels like coming home. The range of treatments I am able to offer at the Harley Street Dental Studio beautifully compliments the dental procedures provided by Adam and his team, and patients will benefit from finding it all under one roof.”

Adam agreed: “Pradnya opens up the aesthetic possibilities for our clients, taking them beyond our well-established expertise in cosmetic dental treatments by providing short term ‘fixes’ for tooth grinding, protruding dentition, gummy smiles, whitening, and other dental issues – including tooth straightening with Invisalign – Pradnya puts our improved smiles into the best possible context.”

Dr Apté added: “And that’s just the start of it. We can also help people age well, address acne scarring, and revolumise their face after weight loss or exercise. I pioneered the Rejuvalift – combining Silhouette Soft and Ellansé – which uses the very latest facial thread lifting and collagen stimulation techniques.”

It makes the day worthwhile

Silhouette soft helps redefine, recontour and reshape the face’s profile while Ellansé is an advanced rejuvenating filler. Also available is treatment using Perfectha Subskin volumizer, all of which are administered according to careful medical protocols.

Dr Apté concluded: “Understanding the framework of each patient’s face is crucial. The face is a multi-dimensional structure that requires careful and skilful techniques during treatment in order to achieve harmonious balance. I like to view my patients from every angle before commencing treatment, which includes looking into their mouths.

“Teeth represent a significant supporting structure for our facial tissues, including the lips, cheeks, chin and jaws. As dentists we spot malocclusion and under- and over-bites very easily, and these are often the underlying concerns people try to mask with facial aesthetics.

“By bringing both dental and facial aesthetic expertise to the table I can help provide the optimum longer-term outcome, which means greater satisfaction and self-confidence for my patients, and greater job satisfaction for me and the team. Our patients leave the clinics with a spring in their step, ready to face the world with enhanced self-assurance. It makes the day worthwhile.”

For more information visit www.harleystreetdentalstudio.com or go to https://skinsouthwest.co.uk/

Image caption (Top): l-r Patient and clinic ambassador Nicky (Toff) Toffolo; Dr Adam Thorne; Dr Pradnya Apté