Ten Dental+Facial: Supporting Diabetics

Cosmetic and Perio Treatment
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Ten Dental+Facial: Supporting diabetics’ complex needs

Diabetes can have devastating effects on a patient’s periodontal health, which may require more advanced treatment from a specialist. Consider referring to the multi award-winning Ten Dental+Facial clinic, who provides one of the UK’s most trusted referral services.

Ten Dental+Facial is highly experienced in treating patients with complex oral health needs, including those who suffer from diabetes. The professional team have the knowledge and skills to treat both simple and advanced cases, using the latest techniques, materials and technology to ensure patients benefit from the highest quality treatment.

Patients are then returned to the referring clinician for ongoing care and review, which is fully supported by Ten Dental+Facial. Call today for further details.

For more information visit www.tendental.com or call on 020 33932623