Waterpik: Improving Periodontal Maintenance

Cosmetic and Perio Treatment
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The Waterpik Pik Pocket tip: Therapeutic rinses into periodontal pockets

Periodontal maintenance requires a good daily oral hygiene routine. The Waterpik® Water Flosser is highly recommended for reducing plaque, gingivitis, and gum disease in hard-to-reach areas.

The Waterpik Pik Pocket® tip is specifically designed to deliver therapeutic rinses into the periodontal pockets. It has been shown to reach up to 90% of 6mm pockets and delivers the agent gently and consistently at a low pressure. It is for use in pockets that need just a little more cleaning.

The Waterpik Water Flosser is accredited by the Oral Health Foundation and is backed by over 75 clinical research studies that consistently demonstrate its effectiveness.

To improve periodontal maintenance, contact Waterpik today.

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