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Align Technology launches Invisalign Go, a teeth straightening system for general dental practitioners


Align Technology, makers of Invisalign, has launched Invisalign Go, a simplified aesthetic teeth straightening system designed specifically for use by general dental practitioners.
Align says it “guides GDPs fresh to the system through identifying, planning and monitoring aesthetic cases, enabling them to use this innovative clear aligner technology to treat patients confidently, and by doing so extend their practice offering”.

Invisalign Go can be used as a standalone treatment for teeth straightening, or, in combination with other aesthetic or restorative techniques, is said to “enable more effective outcomes which support a minimally invasive approach to dentistry”.

The new system is designed to treat mild crowding, spacing, orthodontic relapse and other aesthetic teeth misalignment cases. It is suitable for smile improvements in the anterior space (first premolar to first premolar) and is available as single arch or dual arch treatments. And, say the makers, “patients can achieve Invisalign smiles in as little as seven months”.

Simplifying the system

New case assessment software means patient selection has been simplified to help GDPs easily identify suitable patients for treatment. After uploading intraoral pictures of their patient to the Align Technology system users will receive an assessment of the case’s difficulty level based around the parameters of Invisalign Go − which will then help them determine whether to treat the patient with the new technology.

Once the patient is deemed suitable for treatment the GDP fills out a simple prescription form outlining treatment goals and submits it with PVS impressions or an intra-oral scan. The new system can be integrated into an existing digital dental workflow: Invisalign Go works with PVS impressions and the iTero Element (Align Technology’s intra-oral scanner) as well as 3M’s TrueDefinition and the CEREC Omnicam.

From this, a personalised treatment plan is created using ClinCheck software, Align’s 3D treatment planning tool. This not only gives each patient a clear view of their upcoming treatment journey it also provides the dentist with precise clinical control over their case. Once the treatment plan has been approved and agreed a series of customised, clear aligners will be manufactured and shipped directly to the practice.

Patients are fitted with their first aligners in practice and advised to change them approximately every two weeks. Check-up appointments are typically arranged every eight weeks to ensure the treatment is tracking to plan. Tracking the patient’s progress is said to be key to a successful outcome, and as part of the Invisalign Go system dentists are provided with an “Appointment Plan” to provide specific processes to be performed during each appointment. A “Progress Assessment” tool means that at any time during treatment clinicians can upload the latest intra-oral photos and, within minutes, receive confirmation of whether the case is tracking as planned. If a case ever goes off track, new aligners can be ordered free of charge.

Note: If the case is considered too complex for treatment with Invisalign Go a digital referral process helps the GDP to transfer their patient photos to an Invisalign-trained specialist within the Invisalign system. This ensures every patient receives the right treatment and helps build stronger partnerships with specialists.

Pricing and training

Invisalign Go has been priced and designed to be a realistic treatment option for GDPs. Single arch treatment has been set at £655 and dual arch treatment costs £875. With a fixed lab fee included there are no hidden surprises, and if any additional aligners are needed to achieve the original treatment goal they will be included at no extra charge.

The Invisalign Go training programme, which is offered to every GDP who signs up to the system, consists of an online training session followed by an in-person training day; with live hands-on sessions to provide a more thorough understanding of how the system works.

The sessions offer hands-on tips and techniques on Invisalign Go digital photography, impressions, interproximal reduction (IPR) and attachments. The content focuses on the treatment of patients with minor orthodontic or cosmetic concerns and is open to all GDPs at a cost of £450.

Align Technology offers an extensive “Continued Education” programme to help ensure each clinician has sustained support throughout their Invisalign Go treatments, including access to an online community of Invisalign Go providers, run by Aligner Consulting, which delivers expert training, coaching, mentoring and on-going support for those new to the Invisalign system.
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