Mectron Blue Ortho LED lights

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Mectron Blue Ortho LED curing lights, designed for orthodontics when speed is essential

General Medical offers the complete range of Mectron LED Curing Lights including the Blue Ortho, specifically designed for orthodontic applications.

Because the demands for an orthodontic curing light are different to those required in general practice, Mectron’s Blue Ortho LED light has been optimised for the purpose. Instead of the 20 second “soft start” recommended for use with bonding agents and composites for restorative applications it features five and 10 second constant output settings specifically designed for curing orthodontic bracket bonding cements, where speed is essential and polymerisation shrinkage irrelevant.

Well balanced for optimised user comfort and weighing just 105g the Mectron Blue Ortho cordless curing light has an output of more than 1000mW/cm2; a compact base unit featuring an integrated radiometer to check output plus green and red lights to indicate battery status; a trickle-charge lithium-ion battery which delivers at least 320 cycles of 100% consistent output per single charge, plus an acoustic low battery warning.

Featuring the latest LED technology the Mectron Blue Ortho is silent, does not require a fan, and delivers on average 2.5 million 10 second cycles (925 days of constant working life) and has a three-year warranty, including its battery.