The Clarity Advanced system from 3M Unitek

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“The Clarity Advanced system is amazing – it’s the simplest to use on the market and my patients love it.” Tom Houlihan, orthodontist at Burlington Dental Clinic in Dublin, comments on the Clarity Advanced system from 3M Unitek.

“A key benefits of the product is the APC flash free adhesive system, which has dramatically changed my day! It makes bond-ups so quick and easy, requiring much less time to adjust brackets. The added benefit is better oral hygiene due to no excess cement.

“I would give the Clarity Advanced system 10 out of 10 – for me, it works perfectly. The service from 3M Unitek is also superb, with fantastic representatives who are very hands-on, as well as very good support and training.”

“There is no reason not to use it, every one should! “ 


3M and Clarity are trademarks of the 3M Company.