3rd Henry Schein Carrière Orthodontics Symposium

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The 3rd Henry Schein Annual European Carrière Orthodontics Symposium informed and entertained around 350 delegates

In mid-September 2017 some 350 attendees from 32 countries came together in Barcelona to learn about the latest orthodontic innovations and clinical solutions. Dental professionals had the chance to experience cutting-edge technology and forward-looking, evidence-based protocols designed to help orthodontists achieve new levels of patient care, practice efficiencies and effectiveness.

Orthodontics treats patients at several levels: dental, skeletal and facial. In a dental sense, the case should be treated by maintaining a good occlusion and perfect function and alignment. However, as Dr Luis Carrière (top right) said in his lecture, this needs to be accomplished “in harmony with the relationship of the bone structure of the maxilla and the mandible – and, of course, this has a profound impact on the facial profile”.

Dr Carrière explained: “When I was young, we looked in the mirror once in the morning before we left home and perhaps when passing by a window. Due to smart-phones and the selfie mentality nowadays, beauty has got another importance. Patients are now experts of their faces.

“We not only deliver straight teeth, but also provide renewed confidence, enhanced appearance, and consequently new lives to patients. The orthodontist should be the first professional to be consulted when it comes to oral and maxillofacial treatment planning.”

Sagittal First Concept, Self-ligitation and how the patient can support the treatment

Dr Carrière, who obtained his dental degree from the University of Complutense in Madrid, completed his orthodontic training at the University of Barcelona (Master of Science in orthodontics in 1994) and received its doctorate in orthodontics cum laude in 2006, demonstrated the advantages of the Carrière System, which is biomimetic, minimalistic and non-invasive in its approach.

One important asset is the “Sagittal First Philosophy”. With Sagittal First correction of Class II or Class III malocclusions occur at the beginning of treatment, when patient compliance is at its highest. This also provides greater efficiencies, and same-day starts, helping clinicians increase their conversion rate. In addition, the Philosophy helps shorten treatment time, increases patient acceptance of orthodontic treatment and provides “confidence for life” thanks to its long-term aesthetics.

Dr Carrière continues: “One of the challenges in orthodontics today is to reduce the amount of time a patient has an appliance in their mouth. The speed of the treatment has benefits for everyone. For patients, it means less treatment time and for orthodontists it means less chair time, thereby boosting the efficiency of the practice.”

By using case studies from his practice, the inventor of the Carrière System demonstrated how orthodontics can be an alternative for patients with facial disproportions who would otherwise have to undergo invasive surgery. “It is very important not to isolate the patient’s facial component. It’s the key,” he said.

Dr Carrière’s father and mentor, Dr José “Pepé” Carrière, presented a special session to show how he teaches patients to support the dental treatment. He educates them – according to the individual cases and the planned treatment – to train their tongue to position correctly. Patients following these training sessions regularly can positively impact on the success of the orthodontic treatment.

Dr David Paquette demonstrated how the dynamic engineering of the Carrière SLX Bracket System overcomes the challenges of previous appliances. With the dramatic reduction of wire bends and repositioning appointments, Dr Paquete has been able to reduce his treatment times and produce what he described as “extraordinary clinical results”. In his lecture “Self-ligitation – the past, the present, the future”, he showed how the SLX Bracket had drastically improved efficiencies in his practice and had allowed him to enhance orthodontic treatment with optimal results, “on time, every time”.

Lectures and presentations

Additional speakers included Dr Sean Carlson who explained how to unlock the vault of digital diagnostics and incorporate a total-patient treatment approach. He focused on the visualization of the airway in particular and showed how orthodontic treatment can improve outcomes in patients with temporomandibular disorders or obstructive sleep apnoea.

Dr Francesco Garino demonstrated how to use the Carrière Motion Appliance as a break-through treatment strategy to correct challenging Class II aligner cases.

Dr Anil Idiculla explained how to align core philanthropic values within a dental practice and how to develop an unforgettable orthodontic experience, while Dr Jep Paschal talked about digital dental pathway and how it can help increase clinical efficiencies, effectiveness, and patient satisfaction and why dental professionals should pay attention to this progressive era.

Dr Thomas Shipley presented his recent study using CBCT, which validates how the Carrière Motion Appliance repositions the mandible and expands the airway.

Henry Schein ConnectDental

Dr Carrière explained why the right tools are essential for accurate diagnosis. “Today, we are living in the ideal moment with regards to technical innovation in dentistry,” he said. “Radiation levels have been reduced and 3D shots are available. With a 3D record, we can see the before, during and after of a treatment.”

In the Symposium’s exhibition area, Henry Schein showcased its ConnectDental platform for digital dentistry, which combines a wide choice of digital technology solutions with all the knowledge, services and support needed to help practitioners navigate the rapidly changing world of digital dentistry. The focus during this event was the integrated processes of the digital orthodontics workflow, including intraoral scanning, digital imaging, clinical orthodontic planning, and 3D printing.

Patrick Thurm, Henry Schein’s Vice President Global Prosthetic Solutions – Technology, said: “As a trusted advisor, practitioners can rely on Henry Schein to help them make the technological choices that meet their individual needs, meaning they can enhance their patients’ experience, deliver quality dentistry and improve efficiency.

“We provide dental professionals with everything they need to adopt a digital workflow with confidence – also in orthodontics, With Henry Schein ConnectDental they get the right technology seamlessly integrated into the practice as well as ongoing support to continuously operate efficiently and successfully.”

The 4th Henry Schein Orthodontics European Carrière Symposium will take place from 27 to 29 September 2018 in France. More information will be available soon.