Clarity ADVANCED ceramic bracket system

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Orthodontist Preet Bhogal has full confidence in the Clarity ADVANCED system from 3M Oral Care

“Clarity ADVANCED ceramic bracket system from 3M Oral Care provides excellent aesthetics and packs high strength into a small size,” comments Preet Bhogal, Specialist Orthodontist and Principal of Signature Orthodontics.

“The low profile brackets and rounded tie-wings promote patient comfort, with the patented stress concentrator on the microperforated base providing excellent bond strength.

“I have been using 3M orthodontic products for almost 20 years and the performance of the ceramic brackets in adult patients is reliable and consistent. All components are easy to handle and mix, and self-etch primer has hugely facilitated the bonding process with excellent results supported by systematic reviews and meta analyses. I have full confidence in the robust research and development process of 3M products and the meticulous quality control.

“These features become extremely important in an orthodontic practice where performance of materials is crucial to the success of treatment and ultimately to the reputation of the clinician.”

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