The Tandex range

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The Tandex range: The secret to successful orthodontics

Do your orthodontic patients have an effective oral care routine?

The problem when wearing orthodontic appliances is the feeling that you are brushing gently enough to not cause any damage – but wondering if you are removing the optimum amount of debris that may be lurking in small spaces?

Recommend the Tandex range to any of your patients who wear an appliance. Its brushes and interdental brushes can be safely used to keep teeth and gums healthy during their treatment and beyond.

Poor oral hygiene can compromise the success of orthodontic work, so encourage them to get into good habits now. Even when their teeth are aligned, periodontal problems will follow if they are not cleaned properly.

Along with the brushes, Tandex offers adjunctive products such as GEL™, which is recommended for short-term use and contains chlorhexidine as well as 0.2% sodium fluoride.

The Tandex range has been developed during more than 85 years’ experience. Tandex knows that keeping the mouth clean between dental appointments is the foundation of preventative dentistry.

Recommend Tandex to your orthodontic patients and they will develop a relationship for life.

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