4th European Carriere® Symposium

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Henry Schein Orthodontics' 4th Annual European Carriere® Symposium

Henry Schein® Orthodontics™, the orthodontics business of Henry Schein, has announced its 4th Annual European Carriere® Symposium which will take place 20th-22nd September 2018 in Paris, France, at the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile Hotel.

Organisers enthuse: “The symposium will focus on the latest technologies and evidence-based treatment protocols to achieve an entirely new level of orthodontic excellence. Delegates will have the chance to learn about new and innovative concepts and tools that make a total-health difference to the lives of patients.

“From the SAGITTAL FIRST™ technique to the new Carriere SLX 3D™ complete bracket system and Carriere MOTION 3D™ appliances, renowned speakers will present innovative concepts to help diagnose and establish treatment plans. They will share proven strategies that increase clinical efficiency, shorten treatment time, and help achieve extraordinary long-term results.”

Keynote speaker and inventor of the Carriere technique, Dr Luis Carrière, will focus on evidence-based clinical solutions for the treatment of complex class II and III cases.

He said: “Innovations in our profession are ranging from equipment and new tools to treatment concepts that positively impact every aspect of how we achieve consistent clinical excellence while enhancing the patient experience. Therefore, it is crucial to be open to new concepts, embrace innovations that deliver dental, facial and total health results that exceed patients’ expectations.

“With a simple, bonded biomimetic device such as MOTION 3D appliances, and utilising the SAGITTAL FIRST technique, orthodontists can reposition the mandible, expand the airway and balance the relationship between the nose, upper and lower lips and chin for enhanced facial harmony – either for Class II or Class III cases.

“This results in a non-invasive approach to face and health-driven orthodontics that greatly reduces the need for extractions and surgery, which is much better for our patients. I am convinced that orthodontists play an important role in improving the social welfare of people’s lives.”

Dr Carrière will be supported by the programme chairman, Dr. Dave Paquette, who is also Henry Schein Orthodontics’ lead clinical advisor and presenter of “The Evolution of Self-Litigation”, plus featured speaker Dr John Graham, who will explain how “SAGITTAL FIRST will transform today’s orthodontic practice”.

Other speakers and topics include:

• Dr Ana Maria Cantor (Spain) Simplification of Class II and Class III Corrections Treatment Protocol
• Dr Peri Colino (Spain): CBCT in Orthodontics: Advance 3D Solutions
• Dr Francesco Garino (Italy): Aligner therapy simplified: Fewer trays, less time, better results.
• Dr Antonio Guiducci (Italy): SAGITTAL FIRST with passive self-ligation: Transforming today’s orthodontic practice.
• Dr Glenn Krieger (USA): Increased case acceptance, amazing clinical images, and lower stress.
• Dr Jep Paschal (USA): SAGITTAL FIRST treatment approach explained.
• Dr Olivier Setmon (France): The benefits of achieving a Class I platform in mixed dentition.
• Dr Norihid Tsubura (Japan): Shifting the way we approach complex cases, by turning them into simple cases.

Presentations will be held in English and Spanish and simultaneously translated into French. Breakout sessions will be offered in French, Spanish and English. A further breakout session will be dedicated to hands-on exercises.

The organisers concluded: “The latest innovations and clinical solutions will be showcased across the Symposium’s exhibition area. Displays will focus on the integrated processes of the digital orthodontics workflow, including intraoral scanning, digital imaging, clinical orthodontic planning, and 3D printing.

“The Symposium will also provide a valuable networking opportunity, allowing orthodontists to share experiences with peer professionals from around the world.”

The event is expected to sell out, so it is advised to book early. To register, visit www.CarriereSymposium.com, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call +1 760 448 8712. Get in touch now for early bird pricing, which ends 1st August 2018.

Photo Caption: Dr. Luis Carrière speaks at the 2017 Henry Schein Orthodontics Annual European Carriere Symposium