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Align Technology launches new, enhanced Invisalign Go clear aligner system for GDPs

This week Align Technology has launched new, enhanced features for its Invisalign Go clear aligner system. In a statement the company announced that the treatment now incorporates: “enriched clinical experience, improved treatment flexibility, better case predictability and more patient treatment options”.

The Invisalign Go treatment – developed especially for GDPs – guides dental practitioners through the process of identifying, planning and monitoring aesthetic teeth straightening and movement cases, enabling them to treat patients with confidence.

The new enhanced modality will help Invisalign-trained doctors to use its expanded tooth movement capabilities, as well as enabling them to take on a wider range of cases by utilising an improved, user-friendly digital platform.

A spokesperson explained: “The new system will achieve greater arch expansion with the extension to treat 5-5 (second pre-molar to second pre-molar). It will also increase the number of aligners per case (up to 20) meaning Invisalign Go can treat a wider range of mild to moderate malocclusions and pre-restorative alignment.

“The new data-driven clinical protocols incorporated into the Invisalign clear aligner system will provide automated chair-side case assessment within minutes for improved treatment planning, guidance and recommendations.

“The enhanced ClinCheck web system [1] provides access to improved digital treatment planning workflows, allowing visualisation of multiple treatment plans, side-by-side for comparison and customisation, to meet each patient’s unique needs.”

From 2 July 2018 the enhanced treatment is available to Invisalign-trained general dentists across the UK. One early adopter of the original Invisalign Go clear aligner system, Dr Affan Saghir, believes the Invisalign system’s new visualisation feature – which offers multiple treatment plans – is invaluable from a clinician’s point of view, because it helps explain a variety of different options, and chooses the treatment plan which best meets each patient’s preferences.

He also sees Invisalign Go as a great way to communicate with his patients and has adopted the system not just for his clinical development, but as a springboard for future practice growth.

Invisalign Go enables a digital chairside experience when combined with Align Technology’s iTero Element – the intra-oral scanner that integrates with the system – enabling a seamless workflow from pre-restorative work to aesthetic treatment.

The spokesperson continues: “Align Technology has remained at the forefront of digital innovation for over 21 years. It aims to provide dental professionals worldwide with digital end-to-end products, which can help Invisalign-trained doctors grow their practices while providing patients with a positive clear aligner treatment experience.

“Exponential uptake means that more than 5.5 million patients have been successfully treated with the Invisalign system around the world, and iTero has been used for more than 7.6 million orthodontic scans, including more than 3.7 million Invisalign treatment related scans.”

Invisalign trained doctors keen to find out more and book an Invisalign Go training course can visit or speak to an Invisalign Go customer care representative.


1] All new cases will be managed on ClinCheck Web. Open 4-4 cases can be accessed on ClinCheck Pro and ClinCheck Web.