Planmeca's new HeySmile, “Trailblazing” Orthodontics

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Planmeca's new HeySmile all-digital clear aligner system

A spokesperson from Planmeca Group presents the brand-new HeySmile clear aligner system.

Planmeca Group is ready to make its mark in invisible orthodontics. HeySmile is a brand-new all-digital clear aligner system, which can flexibly adapt to the widest range of treatments, workflows, and tools. It is a dental surgery-driven and completely open solution that integrates seamlessly into any dental clinic.
HeySmile puts the dentist in charge of the aligner treatment.

The digital HeySmile Studio platform allows making a complete diagnosis and treatment prescription with just a few easy clicks and accepts open 3D files from nearly any intraoral scanner or imaging device – free of artificial restrictions. Direct communication with a HeySmile dental technician ensures that the treatment plan is always in line with the practitioner’s treatment goals.

Everything is completed at HeySmile’s state-of-the-art facilities, from treatment planning to manufacturing and quality assurance. Powered by an experienced team of dental technicians and Planmeca’s decades-long expertise in dentistry, HeySmile treatment plans have one of the highest acceptance rates for first setups in the market.

The aligners are made of HeySmile’s unique three-layer Timanti™ material, which allows the aligners to maintain their shape while gently guiding the patient’s teeth in the desired position. As a result, HeySmile treatments offer incredibly predictable results while minimising patient discomfort. Thanks to the seamless in-house process, the aligners can be designed, manufactured and shipped as soon as in one week.

Jukka Kanerva, Senior Vice President at Planmeca, adds: “At Planmeca, we are always looking for that everyday challenge we can solve in the dental surgery. HeySmile solves three – an effective clear aligner treatment solution that is truly dentist-driven, predictable, and open to everyone. We are proud to be able to say that it is unlike any other aligner system out there.”

HeySmile is based in Málaga, Spain, and is currently expanding its services all over Europe. For more information, email Javier Briales Country Manager, Planmeca Iberia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call +34 6387 59 707

Find out how to become a HeySmile doctor, by visiting