The endodontist’s toolbox

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ROEKO GuttaFlow bioseal from COLTENE is an essential item in any endodontist’s toolbox.

More than just a simple sealing material, this intelligent obturate offers a number of clinically excellent benefits.

For example, ROEKO GuttaFlow bioseal is a bioactive material that, upon contact with fluids, provides the tooth with natural repair constituents such as calcium and silicates.

After curing, this innovative bioseal then begins to form hydroxyapatite crystals which significantly improve adhesion and encourage regeneration in the bone and dentine tissues. Not only does this improve immediate outcomes, but also helps practitioners provide long-lasting solutions to their patients.

What’s more, along with its impressive curative properties, GuttaFlow bioseal features an unprecedentedly fast curing time (12-16 minutes) and a simple workflow – for better results in less time.

With ROEKO GuttaFlow bioseal from COLTENE, practitioners of all endodontic experience can achieve predictable and long-lasting results.