An introduction to COLTENE’s HyFlex EDM files

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“I was first introduced to the HyFlex EDM file from COLTENE during my MSc training last year,” says Dr Sorin Campeanu, “and it was love at first sight!”

“The new file has definitely improved my endodontic workflow; the file is very flexible but it keeps the shape of the canal, which helps reduces flexural stress – and I feel safe using it as a result. I just know the file will not separate; it will not strip-perforate or transport the canal.

“I think the best thing about the HyFlex EDM file is its resistance to cyclic fatigue – and its very hard and rough surface produces an additional 'sandpaper' like effect. These characteristics help avoid ledges if used properly. The file also puts a great deal less stress on the root canal walls, resulting in fewer dentinal defects, like microcracks, compared to previous systems I have used. I think this is a great achievement for an endodontic file.

“I would definitely recommend COLTENE’s HyFlex EDM files – especially to practitioners who have always dreaded endodontics. It is a pleasure to use and represents great value for money as well!”