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Ratnesh Patel says of COLTENE’s HyFlex® EDM NiTi: “It feels brand new after every use”

“COLTENE products have been part of the practice for about four years, and I began using the HyFlex® EDM NiTi during the past year. While it hasn’t changed the time that I devote to my patients, there are noticeable differences in how it performs,” says Ratnesh Patel from Elm Tree Dental Surgery in Essex.

“I experienced one or two breaks in the past with other files, and I also find that when you remove other files after treatment, you can see they are weakened and may fracture. That has never happened with the HyFlex® EDM NiTi – it always looks like new again!

“Its flexibility and ability to return to its original shape are also different: we can use the same file for different roots, but with other file systems they cannot be adjusted once they have been bent. And it feels nicer because it doesn’t tug as much.

“I found something else that is unique to the HyFlex® EDM; not one of my patients has returned complaining of pain. I recommend it to other dentists – I have already done so.”

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