EndoCare, saving natural teeth

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EndoCare specialist endodontic referral clinic: “How many teeth have you saved?”

At EndoCare, we pride ourselves on saving as many natural teeth as possible – in fact, over the last 10 years we’ve saved over 10,000!

Not a bad record, we think!

After all, we all know that our patients’ natural teeth are one of the most precious commodities they will ever own – so why wouldn’t you want to try and keep them from being extracted?

If you think the same, why not contact our specialist team today.

EndoCare is one of the UK’s most trusted specialist endodontic referral clinics. Every year, we work closely with a wide variety of different dental professionals to provide them with a service that helps save as many natural teeth as possible. We welcome cases from GDPs with little endodontic experience, to those more seasoned professionals who just need advice or support.

With an expert team of highly-skilled specialists, and state-of-the-art facilities, we are well equipped to offer your patients nothing but the very best treatment and care.

If you want to start saving teeth – or simply want some help, advice or support with your endodontic cases – why not refer your patients to our expert team. Contact us today to find out more.

For further information, please call EndoCare on 020 7224 0999. Or visit www.endocare.co.uk