CanalPro Apex Locator from COLTENE

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CanalPro Apex Locator: Innovation and reliability

The CanalPro™ Apex Locator, available from COLTENE, is an innovative, accurate and reliable tool for confirming working length.

It has an easy-to-read 3D coloured panel that will track the progress of the file along the canal. It uses electrical resistance to determine the location of apical resistance: this is often a more precise method than radiographic determination.

The CanalPro Apex Locator offers comfortable, easy operation; dentists may also want to try the space-saving CanalPro Apex Locator Compact, also from COLTENE.

COLTENE develops and supplies high-performance tools for specialists and general dental practitioners performing root canal treatments.

Find out why COLTENE is their number-one choice today.

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