Why Not Refer to EndoCare?

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Faced with a complex case? Refer to EndoCare!

Are you ever faced with complex endodontic cases where you’re unsure how to proceed?

Why not refer to EndoCare?

Our team are dedicated to keeping up to date with all of the latest treatments in endodontics, meaning that we always do our best to save the tooth in every case. This way, we’ve managed to save thousands of teeth that would otherwise have needed extraction!

We also give patients the option to listen to music or watch movies during treatment. This is perfect for anxious patients or those who have dental phobias.

So, if you have a case where you’re unsure how to proceed or an anxious patient who needs special attention, be sure to refer to us today.

For further information, please call EndoCare on 020 7224 0999
Or visit www.endocare.co.uk