Mark Allen: Endodontic Success and CanalPro Jeni

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Mark Allen: “Digital communication, endodontics, and CanalPro Jeni”

This year, technology has allowed us to keep on talking from a distance. In dentistry, we are seeing virtual consultations used more and more and, after proving their value, they are likely here to stay. When done right, virtual consultations give practices the chance to have deeper, richer conversations with people who feel more at ease talking from their home environment.

But what about digital communication in the surgery, specifically in endodontic practice? Must it start and end with imaging? The treatment sequence for root canal treatment and retreatment, including the principles for canal preparation, is well established. There is surely no substitute for the skill of a specialist, using their years of experience to navigate every patient’s individual root canal anatomy safely and efficiently.

But there are always new ways to do things a little better – and to make the procedure simpler for the clinician and more comfortable for the patient. COLTENE has introduced the CanalPro Jeni, a digital game-changer in canal preparation. An automatic endometer with apex locator, CanalPro Jeni can digitally determine and communicate the root canal length.

It will guide mechanical and chemical canal preparation and uses smart algorithms to control the file movement at millisecond intervals, with motion and speed control based on intensity and torque.

Digital communication is becoming increasingly important in dentistry. Any changes you made since reopening may end up being permanent, and some would argue that dental service delivery was ripe for reform. If you are a specialist, you may already be holding your initial consultations virtually, before bringing someone in for full diagnosis and treatment.

If a patient has been in pain and unable to get an appointment for months, practices offering endodontic therapy will want to give them as speedy a journey out of pain as they possibly can, and in such a cases digital communication will never replace face-to-face interaction.

However, if the conversation starts virtually, it can certainly enhance and help lead to successful clinical outcomes.

Thanks to CBCT imaging a clinician can confirm a diagnosis and present the strongest case possible for why a patient should accept root canal treatment and, in this sense, digital technology is about communicating accurate information to help them fully understand the process, and their treatment options. But once in the chair the patient wants the treatment to be over as quickly and as comfortably as possible. That’s where the CanalPro Jeni comes into its own.

When delivering treatment, particularly something like endodontic therapy, I recommend you explore all the digital options that will support successful, safe, and fast clinical outcomes. You can find out more about the CanalPro Jeni digital endometer from COLTENE, by visiting, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0800 254 5115.