Peter Nixon: COLTENE’s HyFlex EDM Files

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Consultant Peter Nixon says: “COLTENE’s HyFlex EDM file system offers superior flexibility and strength compared to other systems”

Peter Nixon is a hospital consultant and registered specialist in endodontics, prosthetics, periodontics and restorative dentistry. He accepts private referrals at Kirkgate Dental Surgery, Tadcaster. In this short case report, he demonstrates the attributes of COLTENE’s HyFlex™ EDM endodontic file system.

“The 55-year-old patient was symptomatic from a dental abscess on LR6. Having discussed the options, the patient elected for retreatment of the root canal, rather than extraction. Once the large amalgam core was removed, it could be seen there were four canals, three of which were previously filled, with the distobuccal having been missed previously.


“The majority of the Gutta-Percha was quickly removed, using the HyFlex REMOVER file. This file is ideal to remove GP quickly and avoids the use of a Gates Glidden, that can overprepare the canal. The REMOVER file has an apical size of 0.30, so is kept short of the length of the previous RCT, to avoid ledging the canal.

“The final tip of the old GP was easily removed with hand files and solvent. The canals appeared sclerosed beyond the previous RCT but were gradually chemomechanically instrumented using a size 0.08 hand file and the HyFlex EDM 10/.05 Glidepath file. The superior flexibility and strength of this file helps to stay on track to the apical foramen.


“Final preparation of all four canals was to a size 20/.05 HyFlex file. Obturation was carried out with warm GP and AH+ sealer, followed by a composite core. The severe apical curvature shown in these canals is best prepared with COLTENE’s HyFlex EDM file system, due to its superior flexibility and strength compared to other systems.”

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